Ozark Mayor and others voice opposition to bills in Alabama Legislature

The mayor of Ozark along with other local mayors and law enforcement officials publicly expressed their opposition Friday to two bills  currently in the Alabama Legislature.

One is Senate Bill 31 which many say could could cut down on pharmacy costs but potentially hurt cities financially and the second is the popularly debated Senate Bill 24, which would abolish  the requirement to carry a permit for a concealed weapon.

"The concern is for us in law enforcement, we want to make sure that people go through some type of check. Now this is not really for the good citizens this is for the bad citizens," explained Marlos Walker, Ozark Police Chief.

"We want safety for our citizens in Dale County and the state of Alabama and we don't want to lose the tools that we do have to obtain pertinent information that we need on felons and things like that," said Willie Powell, Daleville Director of Public Safety.

"As you know we watch TV and news all the time where we see bad reports where we see someone has committed a crime with a hand gun or some type of firearm and we feel if we could keep some of these safeguards in place like the checks and to get the concealed permits , it does help us in fighting crime," said Walker.

Ozark Mayor Bob Bunting also expressed opposition to Senate Bill 31 which has passed the Senate and is currently pending in the house. The bill would exempt prescription drugs from business license taxes based on gross receipts.

"It's going to cause every one of our cities and we are already just cash broke," said Bunting. 

If passed, the bill could result in revenue reduction of about $10,000 for Ozark according to Bunting.

"$10,000 probably in the State House doesn't mean a lot but $10,000 to a small city that is struggling to pay our police officers, give them a pay raise our farming to give them a pay raise, it makes a heck of a lot of difference," said Bunting.

"If this money is taken from them, then they may have to lay people off and we are not in the business of costing people their jobs. We are trying to get jobs here so they need to really think about that," said Jamie Stayton, Mayor of Daleville.

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