Opening hearts and homes in Dale County through Heart Gallery Alabama

For some children, family is a foreign concept but one Alabama Organization is hoping to change that, one child at a time.

Heart Gallery Alabama partners with local DHR offices and travels to different locations throughout our state spreading awareness and educating the public on the foster care system while creating a more compelling way to help find these children homes.

"What use to happen before Heart Gallery came into existence is case workers would go out and take a polaroid picture of their child and we found that when you use professional photography and videography it captures the essence of the child and makes them more appealing to families," explained Joycelyn Haywood, the Marketing and Communications Manager for Heart Gallery Alabama.

And just like that, Heart Gallery was created in 2005 and has proven to be effective time after time. 

"With the displays, it kind of brings people's interest in becoming foster and adoptive parents for our county," said Sabra Branch, of the Dale County Department of Human Resources.

According to their website, Heart Gallery has helped find forever homes for more than 65% of the children photographed, but there is still a great need for loving homes.

"There are over 5,000 children available in foster care in Alabama, there are over 500 available for adoption," said Haywood.

If you are looking to open up your home then check out the exhibit like the one in Ozark or you can even go online and watch a video to get to know some of the kids a little better.

"Please call our office it's 334-445-4900, we will get them an application and it starts with a screening process from the application," said Branch.

The Heart Gallery will be up at the Ozark Municipal Building for the whole month of February. 

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