Neighborhood Watch Programs Trying to Decrease Crime Rates

There are currently 40 community watches in Dothan, but they all have the same goal in mind; to keep crime from taking over their neighborhood.


1972 was the year The National Neighborhood Watch began. 45 years later, communities are still just as dedicated to protecting their families.


“So a police officer may patrol your neighborhood two or three times a day at best. I mean he's busy answering calls and going to businesses but you're in your neighborhood all day, every day, so you know what kind of cars are going to be here and what kind of people are supposed to be in your neighborhood,” said Dothan Police officer, John L. Chesser.


This past November, Jemmie Watford led efforts to create a community watch because neighbors were being burglarized by teens in the area.


Once a month the Alexander Court residents come together to discuss safety and security of their neighborhood.


“Get people out get them involved get them trained so that they understand how to give great details to police officers when they are contacted.  To establish those relations especially in the African American community with police officers we need to have we need to have those relationships as well,” said neighborhood watch chairman, Jemmie Watford.


There’s already been several neighborhood shootings in Dothan this year-.  



One way crimes like these can get solved is with witness statements from community members.

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