Nearly $200k worth of Farm Equipment Stolen

John Deere Sun South in Dothan

Wednesday morning Garrett Smith arrived at the John Deere Sun South in Dothan thinking it was going to be just another day at work, he quickly realized that it would be anything but.

'When I got here this morning I unlocked the gate here and noticed the locks and all were laying on the ground," Garrett Smith, John Deere employee.

Stolen were 2 utility trailers, a company truck, 10 mowers and two full diesel fuel tanks were emptied.

"So they drained both tanks completely that is several hundred gallons there,"said Smith.

A similar burglary occurred at Ag Pro in Bainbridge, Georgia a month ago, which is still under investigation.

"Investigators from Ag Pro actually came over this morning to try to converse with Dothan to work together to see what they got and see what we got to try and find a lead," said Josh Dean, Sales Representative.

The DPD is asking for anyone in the area around 4 o'clock in the morning who may have seen farm equipment or a Sun South truck to report it.

"Dothan is reviewing the camera that are around the circle to hopefully see which direction they left from and where they are heading," said Dean.

"It doesn't hurt at all just to call the police department and say i see a suspicious vehicle driving around with some mowers that look brand new ," said Smith.

John Deere Sun South is still taking inventory to determine if anything else was stolen. So far it is estimated $200,000 worth of farm and utility equipment is missing.

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