National Peanut Festival Fair Cleanup

Now that the 74th Annual National Peanut Festival has come to a close,crews are working to pack up rides and attractions from this years fair. 

"Today we will start remove the largest rides from the footprint and we will start fine tuning the grounds and that will occur after the balance of the week," National Peanut Operation Manager David Butterfield said. 

The biggest hurdle of restoring the festival fairground is cleaning up all the trash left behind from this years fair. 

"We do develop a whole lot of trash... we do a great job with our subcontractors throughout the event keeping it maintain to a minimum but you can imagine with everything being removed and seeing the debris it will be a big task get it all in order," Butterfield said. 

Groups like Wiregrass Rehabilitation and Martin Environmental have been responsible for making sure the grounds are back in shape for the next event. 

"We hope to have everything picked up and the fine tuning done in the next 72 hours but the biggest portion is gone and removed in 48 hours." 

Cleaning up what is left behind after the fair may be a hurdle but Butterfield believes the process of setting up beats the process of breaking down. 

"The organizing and getting it in place to start with is pretty remarkable but very time consuming but once everything is up and out of the way like big structures and big displays you can see what you got to work with and you just have to take and do it by sections and get your handle on it and take care of it from there," Butterfield said.  


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