MRSA Confirmed at Northview High School

One Facebook post has raised questions as to if students at Northview are safe at school. The post claimed that a teacher had been diagnosed with MRSA, a form of staph, and had continued to teach after being told to stay home by a physician.


Northview principal Charles Corbitt confirmed that a teacher was diagnosed with MRSA, but said that they did not continue to teach after that.


 “When we have a teacher or a staff member or a student who has an illness that involves them being excluded from school what we do is we require them to stay home until they are cleared by a medical professional,” said Corbitt.


The post also called into question whether the school followed certain procedures as to reporting medical conditions to the county health department.


“Our nurse has informed us on all Alabama notifiable diseases and conditions, and this is not one of them.”


MRSA is a form of a bacterial infection that can be resistant to treatment with many common antibiotics. This strand is typically contracted due to a weakened immune system or a reaction to antibiotics.


“We had our medical staff they are very professional and they are very precise when it comes to our students being safe.”


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