Mother of Northview High students speaks out against teacher in FBI custody

Northview High School teaching assistant Jason Ford remains in custody with the FBI after a raid happened Tuesday morning. Sources told WDHN that the raid was stemmed to child pornography charges. 

"You know my daughter she knew the whole time that something was wrong with that teacher," said parent of Northview High School student Yelitza Escobar.  

Escobar's daughter attends Northview High School and said she was sent to Ford classroom for in school suspension but she felt uncomfortable the entire time while in the class. 

"He keep watching her the whole time like really weird in a wrong way so after that she told me I don't want to go back again to that room," said Escobar. 

Escobar's daughter told school officials about how she felt but nothing was done about it. 

"She even talked to one of her teachers and said I don't want to go back over there because of this issue and they were like whatever like nobody actually listened to her," said Escobar.

Ford is currently still in FBI custody and no further information has been released. 

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