Mother is charged in infant murder case

Dothan police charged 26 year old Ericka Lee Dabney for the murder of her four month old infant back on August 16,2017. 

"The father came home and the child was laying in bed with the mother and the child was unresponsive so he called for rescue to response and the child was pronounced dead on the scene," said Sergeant Lynn Watkins of the Dothan Police. 

A the toxicology report showed that Dabney had amphetamines,opiates and benzos in her system  before the child's birth. 

At birth the child tested positive with amphetamines which they believe could have led to the child's death. 

"From August 16th to this point we were waiting on toxicology reports to come back to know what she had in her system," Watkins said. "Cases involving infants and little children tend to be more difficult especially for the investigator to handle just because of the nature of the children especially infants on whether or not they have anything introduced into their system."

Dabney currently remains in jail on a $60,000 bond.  


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