MIller County students support prinicpal David Kirkland

Tonight we head across state lines into Georgia to Miller County. 

Where students at the high school exercised their first amendment rights today  by holding a peaceful protest in honor of their principal.

Teachers are always fighting for better ways to serve their students but this time students wanting to return the favor.

"Strictly us students they did not influence us to do this at all," said Sydney Thomas, Miller County Class Treasurer.

David Kirkland, the principal at Miller County High School, might be faced with a hard decision to resign or be fired.

"We all love Mr. David to death," said Sydney Thomas.

It is evident students care about their principal they even organized a march from the school to the education board office in support of Kirkland.

Saying their life has been changed by his actions.

"When he got in to be principal it just brought a breath of fresh air into our school," said Sydney Thomas. "In those four years test scores have gone up discipline rate is at an all time low and the graduation rate has gone up and the overall morale of the school as been extremely high."

Many have said all children need is someone to listen to them that may be the same philosophy of Kirkland

"Any time the students needed anything all we have to do was knock on his door," said Sydney Thomas. "No matter if the situation was school related, home related no matter what he was always there for us students."

As Mahatma Gandhi once said "be the change you want to see in the world."

"Its something that us in Miller county have never had in a principal their heart being in the students," said Sydney 

These students are worried about the future of their principal, David Kirkland.

We reached out to Miller County's  Interim-superintendent James Phillips

"All I can say is that if there is any issues it's a personnel issue and it can't be discussed and so we have no comment on that at this time," said James Phillips, 

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