Merger Between Bayer Ag and The Monsanto Company

"We understand in Capitalism that the fewer choices that you have, the more difficult it is to be competitive. You don't know if you are getting a good deal or not because you have don't have anywhere else to go," said Larry Wells, Director of The Wiregrass Research and Extension Center.

Alabama State Representative Jim Carns has asked the  US Department of Justice to take a serious look at the proposed merger between Bayer Ag and The Monsanto Company.

Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant says the merger would create a global integrated agricultural platform of seeds, crop protection biologics and digital farming.

Carns says that, "These are fancy words that could translate into putting the farming community in Alabama and the rest of the Nation at risk by leaving the industry in the hands of a select few companies."

The main concern is with there being fewer places to purchase the product this could reduce the potential for business to be competitive with it's prices. This is not expected to affect the consumer but could potentially affect the farmer who is purchasing the seeds.

"But the positive sides of that are is research is very expensive and so the larger the company the more money they should be able to put into more research," said Wells.

The majority of seeds affected would be cotton seeds. Corn and soybean seed could potentially see an increase. A study conducted by Texas A&M predicted a 75% probability that seed prices of both companies would increase by nearly 14% is the merger takes place.

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