Mayor Mike Schmitz Reflects on his tenure as Mayor of Dothan

People have changed and businesses have come and gone but there is one thing that has not changed and one face has remained the face of Dothan for almost a decade. 

Mayor Mike Schmitz was elected mayor of Dothan in August of 2009 at a time where many believed the city and nation was facing one of its most difficult times. 

"In 2008 our economy collapse," Mayor Schmitz said. "Our country was struggling and the city was struggling. We lost a lot of jobs and I just felt I could use my business experience to help us find our way through it and hopefully succeed with that." 

Since 2009, 3,000 jobs and 500 million in private industrial development has come to Dothan under the tenure of Mayor Schmitz. He credits the community for all work and accomplishments he has achieved. 

"Whether it was the US China manufacturing symposium, working with this community to build two libraries, the Forever Wild Pointer Acre Park all these projects that so many of us came together on and successful in competing all that made me feel really good."

Now after eight years, Schmitz will relinquish his title as mayor and now take on a new calling as school board chairman. 

"Education is one of the top priorities in our city," Schmitz said. "I hope I can use what i learned as mayor to help our public schools thrive and grow."

Schmitz says he leaves the office of mayor with no regrets and thank you to Dothan who has done well as a city. 

"This is a incredible community that knows how to work together. This community is a entrepreneur community that knows how to succeed our folks here have the grit and determination to make things happen and the southern hospitality shows we care." 




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