Many Job Openings in Dothan

From restaurants to retail if your looking for a job Dothan may have  you covered.

"Right now there are about thirteen hundred jobs available right here in a 25 mile radius of Dothan," said Dothan Mayor Mark Saliba. 

Along with the thirteen hundred jobs available, their are still more business either coming or in development in the city. 

"We have a lot of very positive things about our city that attracts people to come here, live here, stay here and retire here," said Mayor Saliba. 

So how can you find a openings here in the city? Lori Sellers of Manpower says the best way is to look online. 

"The Career Center is a great source, Indeed, Career Builder Monster just a lot of different online services now," said Sellers. 

For all job openings you can to the LinkedIn and search Dothan for a complete list. A brief List of companies that are looking to hire is listed below. 

Professional Outlook, Inc.

Snap! Raise


Compass Bank

Burlington Stores, Inc.

Wayne Farms

Alacare Home Health & Hospice


Martin Environmental Services Ltd

Southeast Alabama Medical Center




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