Man charged with capital murder of Dothan woman has preliminary hearing

26-year-old Jamie Townes, who is charged with capital murder in the shooting death of Breunia Jennings, had his preliminary hearing today.

"You shot her like she was an animal. You hunted her down and shot her like she was an animal."

Mother of Breunia Jennings, Lakesia Reaves, was at the Houston County Courthouse Friday for the preliminary hearing of Jamie Townes, who is charged along with activist Kenneth Glasgow in the murder of Breunia.

"He dosen't understand what he took from me. Breunia might have meant nothing to them, but she was my child. The sleepless nights that you wake up worrying about your child when you can't sleep, when you can't think, when you can't function," said Reaves.

"She was very funny, she liked to tell jokes and cut up. She was just life of the party at family gatherings. Not knowing that I will ever see her on holidays, not see her on her birthdays," said Breunia's aunt.

Townes sat emotionless as the family wept while hearing the details of the case.

"It's just awful because we really don't know what really happened. We keep hearing different stories," said Breunia's aunt.

Townes case is now bound for a grand jury.

"It doesn't matter what happens to Jamie, his family gets to see him whether he's in prison or wherever, I have to watch my child every morning ashes," said Reaves.


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