Local Security Stepping Up After Wednesday's Congressional Ambush

After yesterday's congressional ambush just outside of Washington DC, security concerns for elected leaders has become a hot topic, including right here at home.  

Where we've seen tense moments in the past at local meetings, and that’s why security at city commission meetings has been a priority for local police departments.  

Dothan's first responders are thinking ahead of the game for situations like the one we saw yesterday in Virginia.

So that all elected persons will be safe as they gather together, a security assessment of the Dothan Civic Center was done 5 years ago. A mental detector was also installed at that time.

Emotions can rise at any time at commission meeting as a number of public issues are discussed.

If there ever were to be an active shooter situation, commissioners have a special evacuation plan.

Although there are always officers keeping an eye out for suspicious activity, Chief Parrish says there can never be enough boots on the ground.

In the future, there is a strategic 5 year plan to put a security officer on the second floor at all times. 

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