Local Church Uses Toilet as Fundraiser

Blakely Church of God is putting their own twist on a classic prank.

Flamingo-ing is where you cover someone's yard with plastic pink flamingos, but instead, this church is using a toilet to raise funds for the construction of their church.

You can pay $20 to relocate this toilet from your yard to someone else yard.

The best advice the church is giving for those who receives this gift, is “Don’t be a stinker.”

“It shows the people that churches can have fun. It also shows that we are a church for the community. We have no insulation in the ceiling the church was built in the 60s and at that time they just put the wood slates and it’s a beautiful ceiling however it's not as functional as it needs to be in this South Georgia heat,” said Pastor Scott Brown, of Blakely Church of God.  

The church is still getting estimates for the construction so there's no telling how long this fundraiser will last.

To get involved in all the community fun, head over to the Blakely Church of God Facebook page.

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