Martha Roby says the U.S. must project strength amid international strife

Published 09/04 2014 11:02AM

Updated 09/04 2014 11:05AM

MONTGOMERY, Ala. - The United States must project strength and resolve in a world rife with conflict and upheaval, U.S. Representative Martha Roby (R-AL) said Thursday.

Radical Islamic terrorism is on the rise across the globe, evidenced by recent events such as:

The growing threat from the self identified "Islamic State,” better known as ISIS in the Middle East;
The evacuation of the American embassy in Tripoli, Libya, and subsequent occupation by Islamic militants;
Increased terror attacks across the African continent, specifically in Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria, Mali and Tunisia;

Additionally, Russian-aligned forces in Ukraine show no signs of backing down despite tough talk from the United Nations. These instances are no accident or coincidence, but rather a result of the United States' diminished international leadership, Rep. Roby said.

“Every American should be concerned about our international standing and our diminished ability to shape world events rather than be shaped by them,” Rep. Roby said. “It disturbs me to see statements by President Obama and top Administration officials downplaying or dismissing the threat of radical Islamic terrorism. The threat is real, it is growing, and it must be dealt with before it’s too late.

“What’s happening across the African continent is no accident. The continued aggression of Russian forces in Ukraine isn’t a coincidence. The rise of Islamic fascism is not a random occurrence. Rather, they are the result of the inconsistent, incoherent messages we’ve been sending abroad.

“We draw ‘red lines,’ and do nothing when they are crossed. We outsource tough foreign policy decisions to the woefully weak United Nations. We hollow out our military force with drastic cuts that compromise our readiness. We fail to secure our borders or enforce immigration laws. We negotiate with the Taliban and strike deals to release hardened terrorists who return to the battlefield.

“These actions project weakness and invite our enemies to test our resolve. The United States must reverse course and demonstrate the kind of strength that used to be feared and respected the world over.”

With September 11th one week away, Rep. Roby said the United States must be on alert.

“We can’t allow this country to lapse into a pre-September 11 mindset in which we depend on oceans to protect us. A dangerous terrorist network is growing, and its members are committed to hurting Americans. Our nation must prepare to take the fight to them, but we also need to remain vigilant here at home as this solemn and sensitive anniversary approaches.”

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