Houston County deputies go back to school

Published 04/08 2014 07:23PM

Updated 04/08 2014 08:43PM

The Houston County Sheriff's deputies attended their 'tactics for violent encounters' training this morning.

The course allowed officers to reenact situations they may experience on the job.

Sheriff Andy Hughes said it's a great way to prepare for the real life encounters his officers deal with on a daily basis.
“I think it’s critical that we do this type training. We don't always want to come out and do static training where we standing and shooting at a bulls eye target and that kind of thing. We strive to make sure our deputies have the best training and equipment as possible so they can do their jobs and serve the citizens of Houston County,” said Hughes.

Deputies go through training like this twice a year. The training is different than the normal training you see at the shooting range.

“The environments we operate in everyday put us in a different mindset and we have to be able to shoot in different positions,” said firearms trainer Jackie Smith. “Basically we fight with a pistol or a riffle depending on the situation we're in and we just can't do that standing in a line and shooting a paper, so we come out here and we set up different scenario based courses and run the guys through it.”

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