Janice Hawkins Cultural Arts Park

Troy university has been urging students to discover their inner warrior, and is now home to 200 actual warriors.

"This is the only place outside of China that you can see the terra cotta warriors," said Meagan Berry, the International Arts Center assistant.

Students can be seen using the new addition, the Janice Hawkins Cultural Arts park as a shortcut to class, elating Hawkins as she sees students enjoying its beauty.

"Oh my goodness, it far exceeded my expectations," said Hawkins.

Her original expectations embodying a place that mirrors and represents the university's global vision.

"Not only do we have East with the terra cotta warriors, but we have West up here with the Violata Pox Dove that our friend and artist Nall gave to Troy University, and we have the Grecian columns over the amphitheater," said Hawkins.

Along with the outside installations overlooking the expansive area, is the new International Arts Center.

It is home to two art galleries, a Warriors Unearthed exhibit, and the graphic arts department, which helped bring Hawkins' vision to life.

"A lot of students worked on the videos that we have in the exhibit, some of them painted the terra cotta warriors," said Berry.

While they hope the new campus addition shows how the university is making an international impact, for Hawkins it will always hit close to home.

"I feel like part of me is in this project and will continue to be even when we're not here and it just means more than I can tell you," said Hawkins.

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