Hurricane Irma Visitors

Busy roadways, long lines and pack restaurants has been the theme this week as many Florida residents has traveled to the circle city for safety from Hurricane Irma. 


"We've been through a lot of storms in key west but this is a big one,"  Key West, Florida resident Anne Sunkel said. 


So big that many of the Florida residents have made Dothan busy than usual at stores and local restaurants across town. 


'We've actually seen a significant uptake in business a lot of Florida license plates are coming through the store," Dothan Chick-Fil -A owner Jeff Koch said. 


Florida residents hope that this storm doesn't last long but they are prepared for any thing this storm might bring. 


"We have reservations for the next five days so were hoping that's long enough or if not then we will have to extend our stay or we have family in North Carolina so we might stay there if we have to stay longer," Miami, Florida resident Kevin Jacobs said. 


Although they are away from home, Florida residents stay the people of Dothan have made them feel right at home. 


"Dothan has been the relief for the last three days," Sunkel said. 


"It makes us feel you know welcomed and the whole thing trip is kind of display things so its good to have that those feeling conveyed our way," Jacobs said. 


Jeff Koch is glad that his business can help ease the load off many people concerned about the storm. 


"We just try to let them kick there shoes and relax and enjoy themselves while there here," Koch said. 


"If your your kind of uncertain about what going on back home stop in we are here for you." 



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