Hughes announces candidacy for Houston County sheriff

HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala.--Former Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes hopes to once again serve the people of his community.

"I miss the people. I miss that personal contact of day-to-day with just ordinary citizens," says Andy Hughes.

Hughes says he's been serving since he was 18 years old and he wants to continue to do so in Houston County.

"This is where my home is, this is where my heart is," said Hughes.

He had two successful campaigns as sheriff, one in 2006 and one in 2010.

"We made some great strides in the sheriffs office in my first two terms. We implemented a lot of new programs, a lot of new technology deputies were way more visible out in the community. We worked aggressively to combat crime," said Hughes.

In 2014 he was appointed as assistant director for Homeland Security for the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

"I enjoyed my position there but I've always planned to come back and run for sheriff of Houston County," saod Hughes.
He hopes to bring the knowledge and experience he gained back to the sheriffs office.

Hughes explains what he wants to accomplish if elected.

"Especially in the rural parts of the county I think we need to be visible. If that means having marked cars crisscrossing this county and people seeing those marked vehicles out there especially the criminals because that what deters crime," said Hughes.

He believes as a sheriff you have to be many things to many people.

"I want to serve the people here in Houston County again. I believe that I have the personality, I have the leadership skills and I have the experience to lead the sheriffs office even further into the future," said Hughes.

This election will put the current sheriff Donald Valenza, if he seeks re-election, against the former, Andy Hughes.

Both men have worked for each other in the past and both know each other very well.

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