Vandals strike again

Published 08/12 2014 05:36PM

Updated 08/12 2014 09:20PM

It's the first day children are returning back to building blocks day care and they're not allowed to go play outside, because they're playground was vandalized.

"It's very inconvenient for these children, as a parent I feel sorry for their parents, because whoever is doing it is just to get attention and they're going to be in a huge amount of trouble when they're caught," said Danna Jacobs, owner of Building Blocks Daycare.

The criminals also vandalized the Taylor Recreational Park. In fact, this makes five locations in just one week. The Houston County Sheriff's Office said they're increasing patrol, but they also need help from the public.

"What we want is a good witness,” said Captain Antonio Gonzales. “A witness can get us a tag number, a real good description of the vehicle, a real good description of the persons and that’s the most crucial thing for us."

City officials say removing these images will cost over $1,000, but private property owners have to foot their own bill.

Jacobs said this is going to cost her over $5,000 to replace the damaged equipment.

"I'm very disappointed,” said Jacobs. “The town of Taylor has done so much to support these kids to have somewhere to go and to hang out and its very disappointing that someone would destroy and vandalize so everyone can't enjoy what they've done."

Danna said the children have been asking why they can't go outside. She said she just tells them, “someone did something mean and they have to stay inside.”

She has a few words for the people committing the crime.

"Find something else to do with your time, if you need attention there’s other ways to get it than destroying peoples property."

If you have any information on the people who are vandalizing these properties the Houston County Sheriff's Office ask that you come forward.

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