Vandals arrested

Published 08/13 2014 05:38PM

Updated 08/13 2014 08:41PM

"There wasn't any immediate frustration or anger that popped up,” said Andy Wood. “Just relief that it was over."

Andy Wood, the Senior Pastor at Taylor Assembly of God was hit twice by recent vandalism attacks.

This morning the Houston County Sheriff's Office arrested three people in connection to the crime - Derrick Edmond Davis from Dothan and two juveniles from Taylor.

The sheriff's office said it was thanks to the community they made these arrests.

"We always say it's the community that solves these crimes with us because they have that information out there,” said Captain Antonio Gonzales with the Houston County Sheriff's Office. “They're our eyes and our ears because we have so much territory to recover, so when they report this information to us we follow up on it."

Captain Gonzales said the victims were not specifically targeted for who or what they did, but more so for the location of their buildings in low light areas.

"It's like leaving your front door unlocked or open that’s an opportunity for a burglar to take advantage of it,” said Gonzales. “Somebody that has some criminal mischief at hand in mind to do something just as a so called prank."

Each are being charged with three counts of Criminal Mischief 1st degree. But Wood said it doesn't matter the punishment they receive, he forgives them and hopes they seek help.

"There has to be a hollow spot in these peoples lives and I hope that that can be filled with someone touching them with love and help because if anything else it stopped them from maybe further doing somethings that’s just worse than vandalism,” said Wood.

Captain Gonzales said this case is concluded as far as the sheriff's office is concerned, but the evidence recovered from the scenes was given to the Dothan Police Department in connect to the Rip Hews stadium vandalism.

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