Payout for retirees

Published 08/11 2014 05:18PM

Updated 08/11 2014 08:59PM

The retirees in Houston County can expect some extra money. A one time lump sum will be paid to retirees and beneficiaries of retirees who have passed. This means about two dollars per month worked will be provided, with a max of $300.

The Houston County Commission approved the request, but it won't be taken out of their budget until the 2015-2016 fiscal year. The last time a lump sum was paid to retirees was back in 2008.

"We just want to show them our support and show them thank you for what you do and it's a good thing to have for our retirees," said Doug Sinquefield, District 2 Commissioner.

Retirees can expect their pay check sometime in October.

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