Labor Day Holiday equals a regular workday for many

Published 09/01 2014 06:23PM

Updated 09/01 2014 08:38PM

"Today I work 8 a.m. To 2 p.m., and then I'm off the rest of the day.  So, they're still stuck here, but I won't be, but it's okay,” jokes Zaxby's Assistant Manager Jessica Lamar.

For many, Labor Day is a day to relax and celebrate the contributions of workers, and for others, it's a day to contribute more hours at work.

"Honestly, it doesn't bother me too much, because we need to stay loyal to our customers.  Because our customers keep us going," Lamar said.

For some store managers, holidays mean more shoppers, and thus, few complaints.

"It's been wonderful,” said Bama Fever Tiger Pride Store Manager Michelle Campbell.  “Sales have been good ever since I opened the gate at 10 a.m.  I haven't slowed up.  I'm the only one in here today, but we've needed two, because it has been really good."

And as she puts it, the fact football season has started doesn't hurt.  She's more than happy to open her doors to all 'Bama and Tiger fans.

"It also helps that we had those two good wins on Saturday.  You know, we had a slow start to begin with, but hey, a victory's a victory, and we'll take it anyway we can get it," Campbell said.

Putting in time on Labor Day, as well as any holiday, is nothing new to first responders.

"This is our job, this is what we're supposed to do, and this is just another day we work.  We're here to protect people 24 hours a day, and this is our job.  That's what we do,” said Greg Hansen, paramedics supervisor at Pilcher's Ambulance.

After 35 years of saving lives,  he says it's about more than just making a living.

"Yes, we're working on a holiday, but we're being rewarded on that day, because we're helping people,” Hansen said.  “How much more rewarding can that be?"

It's a reward he says makes it all worthwhile.

And while there are many who had to work today, there are many that would like to have been working, but are without a job.

Alabama's unemployment rate currently stands at 7%.

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