Andy waves goodbye one final time

Published 08/15 2014 05:54PM

Updated 08/15 2014 08:00PM

His things are gone and his items are packed, Andy Hughes is leaving the Sheriff's Office and taking a position with the state.

Sheriff Hughes said it was bittersweet to clear out his office, but strongly believes he's leaving things in good hands.

"There's some great leadership that’s here in place at the sheriff's office and I think that would be the thing I’m most proud of was that I put some good leadership in place before I left."

Hughes never planned on being sheriff until a strange twist events changed that. In 2006 the republican candidate given almost no chance of election died. Which left republicans with no candidate, so they turned to Hughes. He easily won defeating a three term incumbent.

"It's been a very fulfilling year,” said Hughes. “It's made me a better law enforcement officer from working with the people at the sheriffs office. Some of the things I’ve had to do in this job have made me a better law enforcement officer and a better person."

During his tenure Sheriff Hughes created a response team, a K-9 program, and a physical fitness test. He also put more deputies on the road.

Hughes may have changed the office for the better but he says it's the people that make it so great.

"One of my favorite thing about the sheriff's office is the comradery between all of our personnel, they work very good together. They're a team, they all love each other and work well together and they're here to get a job done and they're not going to go home until that job gets done."

Looking back on his journey he says he wouldn't have changed a single thing.

"I can't think of anything I would have really done different. I think we've done our job and we've done our job to an exceptional level here and I’m proud of the accomplishments of the Houston County Sheriff's Office."

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