Former teacher aide admits to harrassing student

By Ken Curtis

Published 03/03 2014 11:01AM

Updated 03/10 2014 02:03PM

A former Houston County school teacher’s aide accused of harassing a special needs student pleaded guilty Monday to a lesser charge. Andrew Faircloth, 33, was sentenced to 30 days suspended sentence and ordered to pay court costs.

Faircloth was accused of kicking the wheelchair, slapping, and becoming verbally abuse toward Jose Salinas, a Wicksburg High School student suffering from cerebral palsy. The teacher that Faircloth assisted was essentially terminated when her contract was not renewed.

A tape recorder, attached to Salinas ‘wheelchair by his family, documented Faircloth speaking to the special needs student in what prosecutors call an abusive manner. It also recorded what appeared to be the sound of a slap to Salinas’ body.

Faircloth was given a 30 days suspended sentence based upon good behavior. He was also ordered to pay all court costs and fees.

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