House of Grace Ministry makes a impact in men life

Robert Smith and House of Grace ministries mission is to break the cycle, restore families and save souls. Today they continued that mission with the 

opening of a new transitional house for men coming out of prison who want to change and get back on track.

"Were here to see the family of God come together in unity to help each other those who are less fortunate," said Executive Director of House of Grace Robert Smith.  

This intense six month to a year program gives men the word of god and life skills in order to be productive in society. 

"Balance a checkbook or whatever they may need, every man that comes through here has to take a marriage counseling class so when they do leave we know that they will all get wives and girlfriends but we want them to know how god says to treat them," Smith said. 

Members of house of grace told how this program has help them and makes a impact on the men who enter it. 

"I been to prison seven times and the doors of house of grace opened for me to bring me to this point to where i am that if you work the program it works it has 

brought us through a lot of stumbles but we came far we came to this point to where we are to right now," former member of the transitional house Jon Tucker. 

"This was very important for me to be involved in something spiritually based for men because I have a deep concern for men who have 

been in prison to get out," executive board Dwight Jones said. 

Smith said that one of the goals that he hopes these men take away once they graduate from this house is to minister to other men who deal with the same circumstances that they once dealt with. 

"You know and the enemy and the devil has come up and destroyed a lot of homes and families but we want to take it back in the name of Jesus," Smith said. 

For more information of how you can help or get involved with house of grace ministries you can call them at (850)373-8256. 


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