Honeysuckle Middle School making a positive impact on the community

Honeysuckle Middle School has been the talk of much conversation of late with the school facing many allegations from the state but one student says Honeysuckle has much more to offer. 

"We are different from the other schools but that doesn't make us worse than the other schools," said 7th grade Honeysuckle Middle School student Jacob Pearce. 

Honeysuckle has been currently involved in many statewide academic endeavors which include the regional and state science fair and most recently participating in the Southeast Alabama  Model United Nations held at Troy University. 

"We won seven awards total this year which was a up come for us," said Pearce. " It was a very good experience for us as well experience teamwork because if your team does not work together you won't get anything accomplished." 

Pearce hopes that people and schools wouldn't Honeysuckle Middle School differently  but as equals and says the school has so much more to offer. 

"Schools actually finally realize that their not so different you know there not worse or any or that but we are just as good as them and they have no need to treat us differently," said Pearce. 

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