Hidden Lake student selected to Duke Tip Program

Lorenzo Wells Jr is not your ordinary 5th grade student. 

"Lorenzo is out of the box , he definitely thinks beyond the borders when we solve problems in science in social studies," said Hidden Lake 5th grade teacher Charla Beauchamp. "He's thinking of most solutions that most people don't think of, he processes the information and looks at the consequences and benefits." 

"He started writing in cursive at age three not tracing dot to dot the teacher put a sheet right by his desk and he sat there, his little left handed self and he wrote what she wrote in cursive," said Lorenzo mother Candace Wells. "So it started very early and the urge to learn grew more and more each year."

Lorenzo has been awarded numerous awards and accolades for his academic achievements. This year he adds  Duke University Talent Identification Program to that list accomplishments. 

"Duke TIP is a prestigious program, they send us the guidelines and its the top five percent of students that score on a state standardized or national standardized test," said Hidden Lake Link Resource teacher Amanda Smith. 

Lorenzo qualified for the program by scoring in the 95 percentile in reading on the ACT aspire test last spring. The program will continue to nurture his knowledge and abilities as a student but Lorenzo did a little research of his own on the program. 

"I've been researching that the program molds you to get into ivy league schools and excel in different subjects," said Lorenzo Wells.  "When I go there I plan to learn a lot about science and then once I get into a ivy league school apply all of that to exceed there and I can make sure I can have a good education." 

Lorenzo plans to attend Harvard or Yale one day and graduate with a degree in health science to one day become a endocrinologist Lorenzo hopes that being accepted into this program will have a positive effect on his school and classmates. 

"I hope to inspire that they can do anything, there is no limit you can do whatever you put your mind too and the sky is the limit," said Wells.  

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