Headland man creates World Threat Directory

HEADLAND, Ala.-- A headland resident is taking steps to inform the people with a centralized database created to minimize crime, criminal organizations, and the spread of contagious disease.

People from all over the world and locally have the ability to collectively share their knowledge, experience, and insight toward a global neighborhood watch effort.

Omega Group Consultants has created the World Threat Directory that visually depicts threats for every location in the world allowing the people to anonymously contribute to and utilize information.

"It's a service that's open to everyone that allows the individual as well as organizations, law enforcement, everyone can contribute to a single site where it lets you see a Google map with pin interface," said Shane Blevins, Founder of Omega Group Consultants and the World Threat Directory.

Operating through a Google Maps API,  the directory offers a visual map with pin indicators highlighting user contributed information that can potentially save lives.
"What's being contributed are crimes, so you can put suspicious activities, warnings or even specific crimes. What that does is it allows the citizens to keep track in their local communities or if they're traveling," said Blevins.

The directory maps three primary categories: crimes, criminal groups, and biohazards such as significant medical and outbreaks.

Through its secure mobile app, push notifications of a threat or hazard can be sent out to notify people in real time.

"Well what we're going to use this for is if you have an AMBER Alert goes off in your local community
or something severe lets say an active shooter we can have a push notification go out to that local area
right then and there," said Blevins.

Rather than solely relying on government and organizational entities, the World Threat Directory has empowered the people.

"Until now there's never been a place where the people can share it amongst each other and that's what we're doing. We want you to benefit from knowing what your neighbor knows or the person down the street," said Blevins.

The World Threat Directory is a free resource that all can benefit from.

The project is expected to be fully launched in January 2018.

For more information about the project visit  worldthreatdirectory.com

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