Headland Band Boosters brings Carnival Eats to Dothan

An organization who had a booth at the National Peanut Festival and a standout dish is going to be featured on a network television cooking show.

The Headland Band Boosters came up with a tasty peanut butter dish to sell at the National Peanut Festival this year. So tasty in fact that it caught the attention of the show Carnival Eats that airs on the Cooking Channel.

The premise of the show? Host of Carnival Eats, Noah Cappe, says it is to find the best carnival food in America.  

"Basically we travel across America finding the craziest, most insane carnival creations," said Noah Cappe.

The treat was delicious, I had not one but two. The show helped the band boosters raise money for new equipment and uniforms.

Band member Vivian Adams said she was excited for the shows presence.

"I was very excited for this to happen  it helps up bring more money in because as you know equipment is quite expensive and it really helps when something like this happens," said Vivian Adams.

There is more to the show than just the food.  Cappe says that it gives the viewer a glimpse into the community.

"One of my favorite parts of the show is not just the food it is getting a glimpse into the community and events like this that bring people together this is all of the moms and dads of the band and they are raising money to support their kids and music and to be able to get behind something like that and get to eat a delicious deep fried treat is a win win," said Cappe.

I can't tell you what the Headland Band Boosters made because it has to be kept secret until the show airs. But I can tell you it is delicious and that if you tune into the coking channel this July for season six of Carnival Eats you can find out what it is. 

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