Free outdoor fitness court opening soon in Dothan

About 700 people a day utilize the biking and walking trail at Westgate Park in Dothan and now they will have other exercise options.

The City of Dothan Leisure Services, local sponsors and the National Fitness Campaign, which dedicates to building fit communities around the world are to thank.

"This was an opportunity, I watched the video they sent out with it and i thought well maybe that's something we could do here in Dothan," said Mike West, Dothan City Manager.

The free outdoor body weight circuit training fitness center will have 30 pieces of equipment that allows for 28 people to use the court at a time.

"You're children could be out playing softball baseball, basketball, and you can come work out. You don't have to make time to go to the gym and it doesn't cost anything. So I think it's a great opportunity for folks if they just take advantage of it," said David Crutchfield, Houston County Commissioner.

The spot was chosen over Eastgate Park because it fits in with people using the jogging trail.

"It is our regional park, so if there is an opportunity to put something here, it's probably a closer drive for most people. We're growing out to the east side so there will be things that will go out there and one day if this works out there could be a park out there," said Crutchfield.

The National Fitness Campaign is being launched in over 100 cities in 2018 and organizers say they're happy Dothan is a part of it.

"We're excited about teh additions to this piece and i'm looking forward to getting on and using it myself," said Saliba.

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