A Dothan man eating at a restaurant Sunday night overheard the person next to him say he had lost his grandson and no longer watched NFL.  Little did either one of these men know the conversation that followed would affect thousands of people who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

"There was a gentleman across from me and I heard him say he lost his grandson and there was a conversation about the NFL football game and I asked him how he lost his grandson and he said my grandson was one of the four soldiers," said community member Steve Hardwick . "He told me all about Dustin and I told him about the Angle of Hope Statue"

His grandson was 29-year-old Staff Sergeant Dustin Wright killed earlier this month during an ambush in Niger.

Hardwick has placed an arrangement at the Angle of Hope statue in honor of the four soldiers who were killed and decided to post this experience on Facebook.

The post has now received close to 600 shares and over 15 hundred likes.

"This is really important here because we know his legacy is going to survive and he will be remembered for what he has done he was a soldier protecting us and we are real proud of him," said Richard Grisham, Dustin's grandfather.

Dustin's brother said that he was tagged in the Facebook post.

"It made me happy that someone we had never met and was so far away wanted to share our tribute to our fallen and share in honoring them and focus on that unity peace and pulling together, it was a great feeling," said Will Wright, Dustin's brother.

Dustin was a resident of Lyons, Georgia where he graduated high school in 2007. He had a desire to continue his families military legacy which led him to join in 2012.

Will says that the way Dustin loved people is what made him who he was.

"He always made time for his family and his friends even living so far away when he got free time he made sure see people and he just loved people if you knew him and you were around him you were going to smile the true point that we should make as a nation is that we stand united and we fight for those who fight for us," said Will.

Along with Dustin three other soldiers were killed during the ambush. They were 25-year-old Sergeant La David Johnson, 35-year-old Staff Sergeant Bryan Black, and 39-year-old Staff Sergeant Jeremiah Johnson.

Dustin's family says the outpour of love and support from the Wiregrass has heartwarming and inspiring.

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