ESCC hosts 2018 Phi Theta Kappa Regional Convention

ENTERPRISE, Ala.-- The Enterprise State Community College’s Tau Mu chapter hosted the 2018 Phi Theta Kappa Regional Convention.


Top students from 2-year-colleges throughout the state of Alabama participated in two full days of activities over the weekend.


Students came together for this years Phi Theta Kappa convention,  which not only celebrates students, but teaches life skills as well.


The organization is the international honor society for the 2 year college system.


"The goals for Phi Theta Kappa are mainly to work on scholarship, fellowship, service

and leadership," said Tasha Estein, International PTK Officer.


Round robin life skill sessions taught students about different topics.


"Phi Theta Kappa doesn’t just help at the bottom level, it helps at the very top because you learn soft skills, just learning about social media and how what to post and what not to post," said Jaden bush, student at Calhoun Community College.


"Investments, budgeting, retirement planning, transfer, loans," said Kristi Peters, ESCC Mathematics teacher and PTK advisor.


There was also an awards ceremony that recognized students accomplishments.


Representatives from 2-year colleges all over the state were in attendance.


"This experience has been an enlightening one, especially me being an exchange student. So coming here and networking with a bunch of students is really a good experience for me," said Dorian Copeland, student at Calhoun Community College.


"We love that it brings people in to our community. They have gotten to see the Boll Weevil Monument and learn the history of it, the importance of it and the city of Enterprise," said Peters.


"This is one of my favorite events that I’ve ever gone to. There’s something about the community here and it’s kind of like going home," said Estein.


Students say they’ve worked hard all year and being there is the reward for all their hard work.


"It’s really a convention of excellence so to be here with a lot of like-minded students is really good. So I’m leaving being motivated and well educated," said Copeland.


This is the first time in 15 years the ESCC has host the Phi Theta Kappa Regional Convention.

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