Enterprise High School Solar Eclipse Viewing

Students and faculty of enterprise high school put on their glasses to see the first solar eclipse passed across the sky for the first time since 1979. 


"It was pretty cool seeing the moon go over the sun like that. It got a lot darker out here," EHS Senior Chase Layton said. "Got a lot cooler, it was pretty cool." 


This solar eclipse is the first for the students at the high school which is way school officials allowed a special opportunity for students to witness this moment in history. 


"I know Mr. Faught went out a couple of month ago whenever he heard about this and wanted to get everybody glasses and I think that was really good of him to do that and i think it was a cool opportunity for all the students to be able to go out and view the eclipse,"  Layton said. 


Students said what their favorite part about viewing the solar eclipse. 


"The like the sun, the like the moon covering the sun because it looks like the sun because it looks like the moon," EHS Sophmore Grace Long said. 


"How small the sun got. I know your really not suppose but you could take  off your glasses and look at it but I didn't," Layton said. 


Even though this is the first solar eclipse for the students of Enterprise High School, they are already gearing up and making plans to view the next on in 2024. 


"I think it would be really cool to see the corona on the outside too so i think that would be a great thing," Layton said. 


"Getting to watch it today makes me wanna watch it again," Long said. 



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