Enterprise City Schools implements tuition; Community reacts

ENTERPRISE, AL-- A new tuition for Enterprise City Schools' students has some parents unhappy.

The Enterprise Board of Education met Monday and not only approved the memorandum for the old College Street Building, but also implemented a tuition schedule that will affect numerous families.

There has been fundamental changes in funding for Enterprise City Schools so the school board has implemented the tuition.

"We are currently losing funding with the changes in the way that we're being funded and this is going to help us make back some of that money," said Superintendent Greg Faught.

Students that go to Enterprise schools and live outside the city limits will have to pay a tuition but some have a city limits sign right in their front yard.

"I don't see how their going to do it. I'm a single mom with two kids and I've attended Enterprise schools my whole life and my kids go there now. It would take me 30 minutes to take them to a county school. I would drive by both their schools to get to a county school," said an Anonymous parent.

"It's a complex issue and I try not to deal too much into local issues. There's some concerns from parents people are calling my office about it," said Enterprise resident Barry Moore.

Beginning 2018-2019 school year, out-of-zone students will be required to pay a $150 tuition with that number to increase.

A post on the ECS Facebook page has many concerned parents voicing their opinions about the issue.

One user said, "tuition for a public school is ridiculous."

Another said that some schools don't give students the option to attend their school choice so "just consider it a privilege."

"I have a big family and I'm not the only one that has a big family so can you imagine how much? that's rent that's somebody's living," said Enterprise resident Alyssa Mendoza.

The tuition will cover a number of needs within the school system.

"We have a number of needs within our school system. We've got roofing projects to complete, we're currently building two new gymnasiums, there's a number of projects that need
to be accomplished and this tuition will do that," said Superintendent Greg Faught.

"It might cost me a little more money which isn't a good thing but the school system in Enterprise is such a draw to our community. I hope that we can work through it and come
to some sort of solution that makes everyone happy," said Moore.

Students living on Ft. Rucker will not have to pay a tuition.

Students that are currently enrolled in the school system are welcome to stay, says Faught, but they will still have to pay tuition beginning next school year.

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