Enterprise BOE discusses whether to make the all-kindergarten EEEC a K-6 school

ENTERPRISE,Ala.--The Enterprise Early Education Center opened its doors for kindergarteners in the fall of 2009 and since then teachers have seen new faces walk the halls every year.

Recently the all-kindergarten school began being questioned by some parents and educators, including the superintendent Greg Faught, who feel that the school should become a K-6 school.

"I'm actually kind of sad about it."

Parent tiffany Chaote whose child attended the EEEC last year and one who will be headed there next year is not in favor of the proposal to make the all-kindergarten school, K-6.

"I want my children to continue to go to the all-kindergarten school because I feel that they get specialized attention. There it's a very safe environment, a very kindergarten friendly environment," said Tiffany Chaote.

Superintendent Greg Faught says that having the kindergarten school as k-6 school may be a better solution than what they currently have now because teachers will be able to see progression in the students.

"There's the idea that if they can start kindergarten at their elementary school they end up learning what the expectations are," said Faught.

A Facebook page called Save EEEC Kindercats is where many have been sharing their thoughts about the change with some people being for it and some being against it.

One parent commented on the page saying "kindergarten was intended to be an integral part of an elementary school...it's meant to be a bridge between home and school. My vote is with Mr. Faught."

One parent agreed saying "It would have been beneficial for my child to be part of the elementary school. My vote is to put them back in the schools and truly include them from day one."

Another parent said "The EEEC is a perfect environment for kindergarteners.They aren't scared or nervous about older children."

Faught feels the the integration will be beneficial for the students in the long-run.

"They can walk into the first grade with a certain level of confidence and understanding what their school is going to be like. They're already a part of that family so it's not like starting all over again."

Superintendent Faught took a visit to the EEEC and spoke with the teachers and the principal but said he wants to weigh out all options before making a final decision.

 If changes are made the school could become a K-6 school by the time school begins next year.

The EEEC pre-K school would not be affected by the change and will remain at the school.

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