DPD solving many cases swiftly here in Dothan

Two murders and a number of robberies have happened here in Dothan over the past month and although these events are not the norm for the city, police have handled these each case in a swift manner.  

The murder of the 91 year old Mable Fowler who lived at 611 Hodgesville road was reported on Saturday March 17th and police identified the suspect and charged him with capital murder the very next day. Same with the murder of Breaunia Jennings who was killed on March 25th on Allen Road. 

Lt. Lynn Watkins says officers have worked around the clock in order to conclude these cases. 

"Dothan Police Department our Facebook and our web page we get a lot of tips through those and as well as just through the general public they been just a little more willing to work with us on things like that. Our patrol officers have done a outstanding job on some of these cases to really help us out and get us in a position to solve these cases quickly," said Watkins.

The one case that still remains as a mystery is the Servis Bank robbery that happened on January 23rd. 

"Those cases tend to be a little harder because sometimes the people come from out of town to pull those bank robbery jobs. We are still working leads that are coming in with the bank robbery job comparing them to other bank robberies in the area," said Watkins. 

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