Several businesses decide to call it quits

Published 08/27 2014 02:58PM

Updated 08/27 2014 08:31PM

Dothan may be bringing new businesses, but that is forcing others to shut down.

Sportsman's outfitters announced their last day open will be Friday August 29th and Dakota Coffee Works closed its downtown location last week. Some people believe it's the area of the business that's to blame.

"It's location, it's very important that you're located in an area where people are desiring that type of business that you have,” said Gail Malone.

Others who are looking for a job say it decreases their chances at employment.

"It's crazy, we already don't have enough jobs and now they're taking away the jobs we do have left out here, so it's crazy,” said Crystal Copeland who has been searching for a job for over a year.

MP Surplus will also be closing their doors. They said they don't have a closing date yet, but it's difficult to stay open if people aren't buying.

Gail Malone said it's also important to remember customer service if places would like to stay in business.

"It's the service that you provide to others when people come to your business. It's very important that you give them professional service and let them know you are welcome and you want them to come back,” said Malone.

Just this month several new businesses have opened, but some say it still doesn't make up for the ones that have closed.

"They're creating more as they're closing them down but just as quick as they're coming it's not really helping too much,” said Copeland.

Local downtown restaurants Tibador's Station, a barbecue dining option, and Nectar, a variety restaurant, both have closed up shop as well.

The owners at Sportman's Outfitters said Blue Plate will not be closing. They are currently looking for options to fill the available space in the building.

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