New cottages brings uproar in neighborhood

Published 08/21 2014 05:06PM

Updated 08/21 2014 10:01PM

Over 12 acres of land near Denton Road is being considered for new apartment homes. This lot has been vacant for many years, but now there's a demand for rental properties and it's not making the neighbors happy.

"Anytime rental properties come into a neighborhood it drops the property value plus there will be a lot more cars coming up and down the road and with traffic and with rental property crime rates going to go up,” said neighbor Gary Roney.

The developer said these type of apartments are high quality and will benefit the neighborhood.

“They'll be nice class a apartment homes for people to live in. It addresses one of the needs in the market right now for people who are looking to do long term rent who don't want to own a home,” said Jonathan Meyers with M4 Development.

The commissioner for the district said he understands both sides, but realizes the value of this property. Hamp Baxley said sooner or later this lot will be developed, it's only a matter of time.

"This has been a vacant field since I was a kid, I grew up in this neighborhood, I use to ride bikes through there, so I understand this is something that affects everyone there, but understand this is not going to be a vacant field forever,” said City Commissioner District 6, Hamp Baxley.

The preliminary plans have been approved and now the developers have to go back and make some adjustments the planning commission suggested. Then, the final plans will be presented and voted on again.

"We understand their concerns and we understand change can sometimes be an unknown but as we go through we hope they understand we're creating a project that will enhance their neighborhood and we'll also provide some more control with regards to who's in there that normally wouldn’t be there,” said Meyers.

If the planning commission approves the final plans the project will be voted on by the city commission.

Meyers says they'll be ready to present their final plans in about a month. They're making some changes to the entrance and the size of each structure.

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