Holiday weekend brings multiple vehicle thefts

Published 09/02 2014 04:19PM

Updated 09/02 2014 08:57PM

Bret Bonds walked out to his car just like he did every other morning, but this time would be different. His things were thrown around the car and his wallet was missing, his truck had been broken into.

"To think that you can't park your vehicle in your own yard anymore it's sad,” said Bonds. “People just need to go out and get a job with their own money, don't take somebody else's.”

Bonds was just one of three victims in Chapelwood to be broken into over the holiday weekend.

City Commissioner Taylor Barbaree said he believes it may be teenagers doing the crime and asks police officers to step up and force the curfew ordinance.

"I think we as a city, specifically the police department needs to pay more attention to the curfew and I think ultimately we need to ensure we have enough officers on the streets patrolling these neighborhoods at night,” said Barbaree.

No one has been charged with the break ins, but bonds says he hopes it isn't teenagers.

"Whatever the case may be, but when they're young like that to me it's just an early start, an early start to a bad end,” said Bonds,

No doubt, Bonds said he would feel safer if more officers were patrolling his neighborhood at later hours.

"My belief is when you add more officers patrolling neighborhoods at night,” said Barbaree. “More police presence, I think neighborhoods, subdivisions - people begin feeling a lot safer."

Barbaree said he hopes the police department puts a plan in motion to reduce crimes like these from occurring. He hopes there can be a better police presence in neighborhoods.

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