Child neglect arrests bring mixed reaction

By Ken Curtis

Published 08/19 2014 01:29PM

Updated 08/19 2014 01:32PM

The arrest of two people in Dothan for child neglect has brought mixed response from Facebook posters.

In one case a woman was charged with leaving eight year old and 18-month old children alone in a car while she went shopping. The other case involves allegations against a man accused of leaving his 9-year old grandson alone at Wal-Mart while he went to another store to shop.

Jean Trawick wrote, “It is too dangerous to leave children unattended any where anymore. I had a child kidnapped out of our yard in Macon, Ga over 45 years ago. Luckily we were aware in time, that the man was caught about 30 minutes later and she was safe. You cannot leave children unattended like they did years ago. When I was young we went to the city like Baltimore and Philadelphia and we roamed the streets and alleys till dark with no worries. Not like that anymore, too many predators.

Sandra Campbell commented, “It really depends on the maturity of the child. Some children at 8 or 9 would be able to do things that some would not. I have a 8 year old grandson that I would trust with a baby more than I would some adults.”

Margo Wright wrote, “It's gotten too crazy. I use to stay in the car and listen to the radio while my mother bought groceries. I think we've gotten too parent crazy in this country. That's why the kids are so bad. It's all about the kids and what about the parents? Too bad this isn't the 60's or 50's, no riots, no land full of rules for every way you turn. Glad I'm in the last quarter of my life. Hate it for my grandchildren.”

Sarah Davis posted, “Times have changed but people are the same. The only difference is we are more aware of the bad things because of internet/social media. I myself would not leave my 9 yr old in the car with or without another child but that is just how I feel about it. I will not try and tell anyone else what they should do with their own children. More people should worry about their own business and forget trying to tell other people what to do and how to do it.”

David Berry commented, “We see almost every day, in Hartford, they are arresting internet pedophiles at an alarming rate. I, personally think, it would be wise for parents and grandparents alike, to keep these children close to them for the child's safety. I'm not sure if we are more aware of these pedophiles now with social media, or if there is a growing rate of these perversions. On the other hand, I think some police departments are too eager to arrest people for any little thing. Maybe that's how they finance their department, or make more money for the city. But I do think it's ok to warn parents for minor infractions rather than arresting them every chance they get. Unfortunately with one department in our area, I won't mention them specifically, but I think we all know who they are, thrive on arresting people for any small infraction, rather than a little compassion, It seems they love to bully any chance they get. I was taught as a kid to trust police officers, but now, I don't feel that any can be trusted. It's a shame the bad ones give the good ones a bad name, but that's just how it is.”

Debi Fortner Breedlove wrote, “Leaving the child in Sam's while he went to Wal-Mart? That's not exactly next door!!! I too remember wandering all over town and riding to school on my bike and our parents never thought anything about it but this is a sad world we live in and I'd certainly not be in favor of leaving children anywhere unattended. It only takes a split second for something to happen...kidnappings are one thing but children can and do have unexplained medical issues such as seizures and could die without rapid intervention...I don't know the circumstances but leaving a baby in the care of a young child in a car in a parking lot for an HOUR - probably at Wal-Mart - is an invitation to some tragedy. I would NEVER have left my grandsons when they were young and in my care.”

Roger Maxwell posted, “I'm a Mormon, and we believe that at the age of 8 is when a child becomes accountable for knowing right from wrong. Since a child age 8 or above is old enough to hold positions in the church, then they are old enough to care for an 18 month old baby.”

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