Dothan Sonic carhops awarded top honors at national skate-off

DOTHAN,Ala.--Sonic awarded top carhops in the nation at its annual Skate-off where they had the chance to show their skills and two local sonic employees came back with top honors.

"Any opportunity i have to skate or showcase skating I'll do it."

In September Joshua Tucker competed in Oklahoma City at the Sonic National Skate-off after being picked in the top five.

"You enter a video about two minutes long basically submitting why you should be in the top five," said Tucker.

This is the third year competing for Tucker

"I got picked in 2015 I didn't win, 2016 I got picked again I got the spirit award and then this year i finally got picked top five again and I actually won it this year," said Tucker.

This year tucker and co-worker Lydell Dyess took home the two top honors at the convention in Denver, Colorado Tuesday.

"This is the first year that Sonic has ever selected two from the same store," said Tucker.

Dyess orginally worked at Sonic in Kentucky but after meeting Tucker last year, decided he would move to Dothan and train together.

"I called I was like you if I was to move down to dothan would you be willing to teach me what you know? I'm trying to get get better teach me what you know," said Dyess.

Co workers express their support for the pair.

"They put in so much practice, they worked so hard, and we have so many people that are cheering for them not only employees and coworkers but a lot of customers as well," said coworker Travis Lambert.

Dyess says he's lucky to be doing two things he loves.

"Skating and serving that's like two things what I can do two things I love and I am good at both of them," said Dyess.

Tucker says inspiring others is what it's all about

"I have customers when I skate up to them they have kids in the back he's got skates on and they get so excited for something so small.

You can change the world in what you do you just gotta figure out how to do it."

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