Dothan Police Officer arrested on drug charges

Dothan Police Chief Steven Parrish said he feels "embarrassment, disappointment, and anger" after the arrest of Sergeant Johnathan Whaley.

Two supervisors identified Whaley's behavior during a police training session on Tuesday morning as "erratic and unusual."

After conferring with other members of the training class, officers escorted Whaley to the health clinic for mandatory drug testing.

During an inspection of Whaley's patrol car, Xanax and Tylenol with codeine was found. 

"We have charged Sergeant Johnathan Whaley with unlawful possession of a controlled substance and two counts of theft of property," Parrish Said. 

It is believed Whaley was able to get the substances after responding to a call.

Parrish said the department plans to look at previous drug cases Whaley was involved with to determine if this has happened in more than one case. 

"The thing about a supervisor is that he is empowered more so than the patrol officer and that he is very flexible and can go to several calls," Parrish said. 

Chief Parrish says that this crime by Whaley is a violation of public trust toward the community. 

"There is a line that police officers cannot cross," Parrish said. "He knew what that line was and he stepped over it, so for that he going to have to be treated like everyone else from the standpoint of violation of criminal law." 

Whaley is currently placed on paid administrative leave and has a determination hearing set for April 20, where a decision on his future at the police department will be made. 


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