Dothan officer arrested for theft of drugs

A Dothan Police officer was arrested by his fellow officers while on the job Tuesday.

The official statement from Dothan Police Department says during a training exercise on Tuesday, officers noticed that officer Jonathan Whaley, one of the supervisors, began acting strangely.

Two supervisors identified his behavior as erratic and highly unusual.

After conferring with other members of the training class, they exercised their authority under the City of Dothan’s drug testing policy and escorted the supervisor to the health clinic for mandatory drug testing.

As policy dictates, the employee was placed on administrative leave.

During this time, two bottles of a controlled substance were discovered in his police car.

Vice officers were called and conducted a criminal investigation.

Whaley has been charged with two counts of unlawful possession of a controlled substance and two counts of theft of property 2nd degree.


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