Dothan man arrested on 165 counts of child pornography

DOTHAN. Ala.-- "We take it very,very serious when it comes to this type of violation of the law, especially in Houston County," said Sheriff Donald Valenza.

A three month investigation by the Houston County Sheriff's office and other agencies has led to the arrest of 61-year-old Kirt Edward Brown on possession of child pornography charges.

Brown was initially arrested on 5 counts of possession of child pornography.

After a search warrant was served at his home 109 ridge road, he was charged with possession of a short-barreled rifle and an additional 160 counts of child pornography.

"Each one is a class C felony and each one will be handled as is," said Valenza.

As in this case, a person is charged for child pornography when the individual visits a website with the illegal content and keeps it in their possession.

"When they get it, view and they save it and that's when we go after them for possession," said Valenza.

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, Ft. Rucker, and Alabama Tobacco and Firearms assisted in the case.

Sheriff Valenza says the investigation is still ongoing.

"We may get additional information on others involved or other locations he may have visited. We will continue and we will go after that location," said Valenza.

Brown was booked into the Houston County Jail.

Bonds for Brown were  set at 15 thousand for each count, which totals $2,400,015.


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