Dothan losing hundreds of jobs for the second week in a row

The city of Dothan has been opening new businesses all summer.

From the new commercial retailers on Highway 84 west to bigger industrial factories like International Beam.

However, tonight one company is reducing their work force.

"Economic development is a lot like the weather some times you just can't anticipate what the weather is going to be like," said Matt Parker.

The Treehouse Foods company will be letting 135 employees go beginning in November.

Last week Nypro plastics announced they were closing their doors a loss of over 100 jobs and 50 temporary positions.

"We'll be working hard to try to connect those affected with some available opportunities that are out there in our market right now," said Matt Parker.

Although, this may seem like a set back for some there are still about 1000 other job openings right here in Dothan.

"In a mix of areas rather it's industrial commercial services retail healthcare so the job market is still very attractive," said Matt Parker.

The new project International Beams and the expansion of Westgate Tires of Dothan should begin to make up for some of the lay off at Treehouse.

"We've also got some internal expansion from some of our other companies that are looking for some skilled workers," said Matt Parker.

Matt Parker, the president of the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce, says he'll be working closely with South Alabama works to continue to employ more community members.

"We'll still keep strong the economy is doing good there's good opportunity for those down the road that will be dislocated," said Matt Parker.

International Beams is expected to bring roughly 50 jobs into the area Westgate Tires is except to employ nearly 50 as well.

That's still at least a loss of 100 jobs for the city something leaders don't want to see. 


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