Dothan High Schools ranked in Alabama's Top 15 standout schools

DOTHAN,Ala.--A recent ranking by Niche has placed Dothan schools in the top five standout schools out of fifteen.

Northview High School ranked at number two and Dothan High School ranked at number three.

Principals at both schools explains makes their school one of the best.

"We put students first."

Northview High School Principal Dr. Charles Corbitt says what makes his school a standout school is the emphasis the staff puts on their students.

"When we develop different programs and initiatives we make sure it's doing what's best for students," says Corbitt.

Dothan High School holds the same level of value for its students.

"Our students are you know comprehending and doing great things here," said Stan Eldridge, Principal at Dothan High School.

To determine each state's standout high schools, academic achievement, SAT and ACT scores were taken into consideration.

"We have to find what makes the students, what peaks their interest, if we find those and reach these kids scores take care of their self," said Eldridge.

To make the list a school had to have at least fifty percent of the student population listed as economically disadvantaged.

52 percent of students at Northview High and about 68 percent percent at Dothan High receive free or reduced lunch.

"We have different programs that we offer of kind of cater to our student needs," said Corbitt.

Both schools feel that it's combination of administration, faculty, students and community support that makes them thrive.

"Faculty, staff and administration we have our main goal is if they come we will teach them," said Eldridge.

"One team, one vision and because if we believe we're together as a team with that one laser light vision then we're going to accomplish the goals that we're going to accomplish," said Corbitt.

Test scores from economically disadvantaged students were added to the equation to identify Alabama's standout schools.

Carroll High School in Ozark also made the list coming in at number ten.


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