Dothan dog rescued in structure fire

"When I got here fire trucks, ambulance, everything was out here and the house was on fire.  I was just telling them my dog was inside, could they try to get my dog out," said Jaquita Carroll, dog owner.

A fire at Johnson Homes on Reno Court caused panic amongst residents.

Money, the owner's 9-month-old dog was trapped inside the home surrounded by flames and heavy smoke.

"We were able to confirm what we call an all clear everybody was out however, there was a K-9 dog inside the house in a kennel," said Chris Ethridge, Dothan Fire Department Battalion Chief.

Firefighters were able to enter the home and locate the dog inside a large storage room.

"They came out, they had to kick her door in and they came out with the dog in her cage," Erika Shipman, neighbor.

Family and neighbors feared the dog was no longer alive and didn't know what to expect.

"They brought her out her laid her, brought her out of her cage trying to bring her back to life. At first she was collapsed we thought that she was gone," said Shipman.

Firefighters revived her giving her oxygen, water and stroked her before she finally came to.

"She looked up at me, rolled her eyes like two or three times, laid back down, got back up, licked my shoe and they were just like she's alive," said Carroll.

"She came back to life but it took a lot to bring her back," said Shipman.

Dothan Fire Department's Chris Etheridge says being able to save a life is what makes the job so rewarding.

"To be able to get the animal out and show some compassion for even our animal friends is a tremendous day for our firefighters to be able to help someone or something," said Ethridge.

 The dog is expected to be just fine.

The family says while it is unfortunate that they lost almost everything, they are grateful to be alive and still have their energetic, loving dog by their side.

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