Dog attack by Alligator in Newton


What seemed like a normal morning walk for Tim Hefler and his dogs turned tragic in a matter of seconds. 


"It wasn't 15 seconds later and i heard yipping and yupping and heavy splashing," Hefler said.  Their dog -- a four year old Australian-Shepherd husky mix -- nowhere to be found in the waters at John Hutto Park.


"I did go back to see if i could see anything else her collar nothing," Helfer said. 


Helfer says he was told by the game warden that there are gators in the area and people aren't supposed to swim off the boat ramp. He feels there needs to be more noticeable warnings  for people and pets to be safe when coming to the park. 


"That's the whole point is a public awareness maybe sometime of warning because this is a public park and their absolutely nothing posted to let people know there are dangerous wildlife animals do live here and people need to understand and be aware of that," Hefler said. 


Hefler at their dog did have a pink collar with her name stamp on it and they're asking if anybody that travels the river to please retrieve and call Tim or Jackie Hefler if they find it. 

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